The accessories we sell are only designed to work on US market cars. If you have an part or accessory imported by a 3rd party to another country we can not warranty them or guarantee that they will fit or function properly. Once an accessory is outside of the US, we are unable to provide product support and service.


Note: Honda Part World does reserve the right to refuse to process an order for any reason.





All of the Genuine Factory Honda accessories we sell are covered by Honda's 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty against defects.  All repaired or replaced parts are covered only for the remainder of this warranty. Since Honda Part World is a Honda dealership selling factory Honda accessories this warranty is good at any Honda dealer in the
US. All you need for warranty coverage is your invoice. If you don't have one Honda Part World can fax or mail a copy to you. (Support@HondaPartWorld.com)


For electronic items it is necessary for the item to be inspected in the vehicle before Honda will allow for warranty replacement. For these item(s) you will need to take your Honda to your local dealer for them to look at it and process the warranty. labor is not covered on this warranty only the part. We cannot process a part warranty you must take it to your local dealer and by American Honda dealer requirements they must and cannot refuse to warranty a part for you.


Warranty covers defects only, not damage. Warranty does not cover item(s) installed on any vehicle other than the one specifically listed in the item description in your shopping cart. Warranty coverage only covers the item(s). It does not cover shipping costs, installation costs or other associated expenses. Item(s) removed from the United States are not covered by warranty.   





Honda Part World does its best to have an error-free website, occasional errors are possible.  If there is a pricing discrepancy it will be handled in one of the following ways:


1.) If the price shown online is lower than the actual price Honda Part World will, at our discretion, either contact you via email for instructions before shipping, or cancel your order and notify you via email of the cancellation.


2.) If the price shown online is different than the price of the item in the shopping cart, please contact us prior to ordering for the correct price. We won't always be able to adjust the price from what is shown in the cart.  Placing an order does NOT lock in the price shown online as the price shown online could be an error, or you might even be looking at an old version of a page.


3.) If the price changes after you make your purchase we are not able to go back and credit for the difference. Sometimes Honda runs promotions on items and when they do we pass the savings along.  They don't notify us ahead of time about promotions so we don't know that there will be a price change until the price changes. We can't apply discounts to orders that have already been processed. 




Credit Card Processing 

Honda Part World is only able to process orders with credit cards issued by US banks that have a
US billing address on file with the credit card company.  Orders shipping to addresses other than the billing address may require additional verification before the order ships.


The billing address entered must match the address your credit card has on file. If it does not, the transaction will be declined and temporary hold may be kept on funds for 3-4 business days while your bank voids the transaction.




Although we do have a very large inventory of factory Honda parts, it is possible for an item to be on backorder from Honda long enough for us to run out of them.  If an item is on backorder we will ship the rest of your order now and the backordered item as soon as it arrives.  Shipping will only be billed on the first invoice. 




All of the items listed as "Genuine Factory Honda" in the description are genuine factory Honda items, however, to help reduce shipping prices and protect the items, it may be necessary to repackage your items before shipping, so items may not arrive in the original factory Honda packaging.