OEM Honda Civic Floor Mats

OEM Honda Civic Sedan Floor Mats

Honda All-Season Rubber Floor Mats and Carpet Floor Mats.

You put a lot of time into keeping your Civic clean and with Honda All-Season Rubber Floor Mats and Carpet Floor Mats you can have more peace of mind knowing your car's interior is protected. Built from durable, heavy-duty rubber All-Season Floor Mats catch rain, dirt, snow and mud so your car stays dry. Unlike many flimsy aftermarket floor mats, you can clean OEM Honda Floor Mats quickly and easily by just simply hosing them down.

Protect Your Honda Civic and Yourself with Honda Floor Mats.

Generic floor mats can slide and lodge underneath the gas pedal of a car, causing the driver to lose control and perhaps even create a dangerous accident. Honda Civic Floor Mats, however, are made with specially designed clips that lock the perfectly sized floor mats in place. Plus, Genuine Honda Floor Mats are made to last with the durability and quality you expect from Honda.

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