While run-flat tires can be beneficial for some car-owners, we know that PAX tires are not always the most efficient for all of our customers. If you are looking to change out your Honda Odyssey PAX tires, Honda Part World has the Odyssey DePAX kit you are looking for at an unbeatable price!

DePAX Your Honda Odyssey Tires

With our Honda Odyssey DePAX tire kits you can easily convert your odyssey Touring run-flat wheels to a wheel and tire system that better fits your needs and lifestyle. We offer several different PAX conversion system, including kits with and without TPMS sensors. Most of our Odyssey Touring DePAX kits include:

  • 4 Steel Rims
  • 4 Hubs Caps
  • 20 Specially designed lug nuts
  • 1 Spare tire kit with mounted tire

*Different style lug nuts may be required for certain year models or if you are using a newer alloy wheel design.

*Recommended tire for our DePAX kits is P235/65R16. Honda Part World only supplies Odyssey DePAX kits "as is" and is not responsible for any Depax tire/wheel kit assemblies.

Honda Odyssey Depax Products

Honda Odyssey Tire Replacement Recommendations

It is important when using a DePAX kit to replace your Odyssey's PAX system with properly fitting tires. Honda Part World recommends that the safest option is to buy a new set of tires that closely matches the stock PAX tire specification in order to get the most secure and effective fit on your Honda Odyssey. While you may replace your Odyssey's PAX tires with any brand tire, here are some of our recommendations for tires/wheels that perform well with our Odyssey DePAX kits:

size Tire Tradewear Rating Traction / Temperature Load / Speed Load Rating Per Tire / Speed Overall Diameter
235-710R10R460A Michelin PAX 500 A\B 104T 1984 118 28"
P235/65 R16 16" Michelin Energy LX4 500 A\B 103T 1929 118 27.9"
P235/60 R17 17" Michelin Energy LX4 500 A\B 102T 1874 118 28"

Disclaimer: American Honda Motor Company will not approve and warranty any non-PAX tire/wheel assembles regardless if you are replacing with Genuine Honda equipment. Honda Part World is not responsible for the maintenance and safety of non-PAX tire/wheel assembles.