How to Choose a Bike Rack for your Honda


How to Choose a Bike Rack for your Honda

Part 1 – Types of Racks

There are many factors to consider when choosing a bike rack for your vehicle. We’d like to simplify the process by outlining the most common choices and the important factors to consider before making your purchase.

The most important goal in choosing a rack is ensuring that the bike, rack, and vehicle fit together properly for a safe driving experience. Poor fitting racks are not only a safety hazard, they could also damage your bike, your vehicle, or other drivers’ vehicles.

Here are the main types of bike racks we sell at Honda Part World.

Roof Bike Racks

 Best for: Smaller vehicles, lighter bikes


  • Flexibility. These racks can typically be adapted to carry other cargo.
  • Security. Most roof racks anchor bikes securely to your vehicle with minimal bike sway. Most roof racks are easy to lock to prevent theft.


  • Overhead clearance. Watch out for garages and drive throughs with low ceilings.
  • Loading effort. It can be difficult to load heavy bikes or to load a bike while parked on a hill or uneven surface.
  • Capacity. Usually roof racks carry only 2 adult bikes.
  • Wind noise.


Hitch Bike Racks

Best for: Larger vehicles


  • Ease of use. Hitch racks are quick and easy to install and easy to load
  • Capacity. Hitch racks easily carry 4 adult bikes


  • Trunk access. Not all hitch racks allow easy access to your vehicle’s trunk or tail gate.
  • Flexibility. Many mountain bike frames required a cross bar adapter to fit properly on standard hitch rack.
  • Security. Hitch racks often require “stabilizer” parts to prevent bikes from swaying.

Trunk Bike Racks

Best for: Sedans and small cars


  • Cost – trunk racks are typically more affordable than hitch or roof racks. Trunk racks are a good solution drivers that only occasionally travel with their bikes.
  • Simplicity. Most trunk racks attach easily to your vehicle without adapters and additional equipment


  • Trunk access. Most trunk racks do not allow easy access to your vehicle’s trunk.
  • Capacity. Most trunk racks carry only 2 bikes.

Do you have further questions about which type of bike rack will work best for your Honda? Contact the Honda Part World team today for more information!

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