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Winter Driving Tips

With winter upon us, there is still time to make your vehicle ready for short days and bad weather.  Headlight performance is a critical safety factor during winter driving.  On many older vehicles we recommend the following upgrades to improve your driving experience.


Dim headlights due to yellow tinged and pitted headlight lenses


Headlight lens restoration

Most auto dealerships and parts stores carry products that will help restore your headlight lenses.  This can be a cost effective way to improve the appearance and performance of your headlights.  Event though some people experience success with this approach, many find it too time consuming and are disappointed with the results.  We recommend this solution for headlights with only mild discoloration and clouding. 

Replace headlights with  new aftermarket headlights

This solution can save you money in the short run, and you can give your vehicle a custom look and feel.  Many online retailers sell aftermarket headlights at significant discounts, and there are many upgrade options including “halos”, HIDs and more. 

The challenge with this solution is long-term headlight maintenance.  Many aftermarket headlights will not fit perfectly with your vehicle’s frame, making bulb replacement an awkward and frustrating process.  Installation of custom headlights (halos, etc.) often requires troubleshooting and, once installed, aftermarket parts headlight frequently burn out or fail quicker than OEM parts.

Additionally, an aftermarket warranty is typically far less than Honda’s one year warranty on all OEM products.  We recommend aftermarket solutions for only those with patience and troubleshooting experience.

Replace headlight with an OEM Honda headlight.

This is the only solution that will return your headlights to their “new from the factory” condition.  In order to avoid installation and maintenance headaches we recommend replacing your headlights with genuine Honda OEM headlights.  Save over 20 percent on OEM Honda parts at Honda Part World today.

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