Honda OEM Accessories: Cargo Hook Installation

There are certain items you dread putting into your trunk.

Milk, Flowers, Eggs…anything that could potentially shift and be destroyed by turning a corner should not be placed in your trunk.

Luckily, Honda has an OEM Cargo hook accessory that solves this problem. Each hook has four separate hangers, perfect for a shopping trip with goods you do not want to get bruised during the drive home.



Tools Required:

6mm Rivet nut tool (T/N 07AAE-00A100)

Hex wrench

19 mm Wrench

10 mm Socket

Torque wrench

NOTE: This instruction (for a 2012 Accord) shows the Honda OEM cargo hook being installed on the left side of the vehicle. An additional cargo hook (sold separately) can be installed on the right side of the vehicle unless the vehicle is equipped with a navigation unit or a compass.

  1. Thread the rivet nut onto the mandrel of the 6 mm rivet nut tool (as shown)
  2. Open the trunk lid. Insert the rivet nut into the hole in the vehicle panel, and install the hex wrench on the 6mm rivet nut tool.
  3. Holding the 6 mm rivet nut tool with the hex wrench, turn the 19 mm wrench clockwise and install the rivet nut to the vehicle panel.
  4. Remove the 6 mm rivet nut tool from the rivet nut by turning the hex wrench counterclockwise.
  5. Align the cargo hook pin with the hole in the vehicle panel, and secure the cargo hook to the vehicle panel using the 6×20 mm bolt with the 6 mm plain washer and the 6 mm spring washer. Torque the 6×20 mm bolt to 4 Nm (3 lb-ft).


For a downloadable pdf version of the instructions, click here.

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